Monday, February 10, 2014

Ukash virus removal

How to remove virus UKASH
As time began to form successive versions of the virus , "Police ," which , of course, the police do not have anything in common. Many of these cases have already been reported often just the police , as reported injured people from the Polish. Some people started on their own to fight malicious software or computers communicate on the website , in order to remove the pest. With a little ability to use a computer and with the help of this tutorial we will try to cope with it on their own.
Most important : Do not pay ANYONE ANY MONEY if you do not feel up to it , we can pass on computer equipment to the site where you are sure professionals cope with the problem.
We need to have a second computer with internet access or use the assistance of a neighbor or friend and USB flash drive memory stick . Let's get to the point. Just follow a few simple steps to clear the operating system from malware .

1. Go to the website . Select the blue button
download Now
@ BleepingComputer
We wait until the window pops record.
Insert the USB flash drive and save the file on a USB stick ComboFix.exe .
After successful operation we have pendrive , and it recorded file : ComboFix.exe

2. Current versions of the virus cause the display of the entire white screen after switching to the operating system. Of course, other versions of the display disturbing false message " police " . Run a virus your computer. Almost immediately after the start , press the F8 key , but sometimes it causes the display of a selection for the drive when you boot your computer . In this case, click ENTER and press F8 again.
Selection screen appears startup. Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt . Wait a while and there is a black window with the possibility of entering commands.

3. Once in Safe Mode insert the USB flash drive with the recorded file ComboFix.exe . Then click on the keyboard while three keys : CTRL + ALT + DELETE . By clicking at the same time we mean pressing the CTRL key , hold it with your finger , press the ALT key again, holding it and pressing the delete key . You will see a box with " Task Manager " or the list of options , select " Start Task Manager " . Select the first tab "Applications" and select " New Task " . Click " Browse" button. From the list , select " My Computer " and " Flash Drive ", we put któy . A list of files , click on the red icon Combofix programs

4. We launched the Combofix . No it looks sensational , but it will help us to remove the virus . During operation, the window can display the questions YES or NO. For simplicity , we choose each NO . We wait a minute. It starts scanning the list goes counter operations , which counts for 50 After this time displays information about deleting files, restart the computer and at the moment we're in the clear. The virus has been deleted.